Welcome to Bottisham Swimming Club!

We are a friendly and competitive swimming club based just north of Cambridge, with about 100 swimmers aged between 7 and 20. We swim at Bottisham and Impington Village College pools, and at galas throughout the eastern region and beyond.

Our latest news appears below, or please click on the links for more information.

B & C squad ‘gala night’ time trials – Wed 6 July

At training on Wednesday 6 July we will be running a time trials night for B and C squads. This is the start of something we are aiming to do a couple of times a year to make sure all swimmers have recent times to measure progress and for entry to galas, and also to give our junior swimmers race practice so they can swim with confidence at JFLs and Club Champs.  We hope you will support us in this new initiative!

C squad will be swimming timed 50m races between 6 and 7pm, and B squad will be doing timed 100m races between 7pm and 8pm. (A squad will swim as normal 8-9pm.) Although the evening will be informal and fun, we will set up the pool as if it were a proper gala – Carol and I will referee and start the races/observe strokes and turns, while Coaches Pippa and Karl will observe the swimmers and give feedback.  There will be no DQs, but we will advise if we see things that would lead to disqualification at a meet. Other junior coaches and poolside helpers will be timekeeping and cheering on. We would also welcome help from any parents who would be happy to step forward to assist on the night in whatever roles come up.

Qualified timekeepers, judges and judges-in-training – please do your best to come along so we can get our new timekeepers signed off. New timekeepers who are not yet signed off – that’s you, Fay, Cathryn, Shirley, Deryck, Clare, Mary, Tara, Ethan, Ella, Jess and George – if you can make it to one of the two time trial sessions we will do our best to get you qualified on the night, assuming we have enough qualified timekeepers present to do it.

If you miss this one, don’t worry too much – we’re aiming for another ‘gala night’ in the autumn before club champs.

Any queries, please talk to Karl or Suzy.

Open – Thetford Nifty Fifties – Sun 4 September

We thought we as a club would have a go at the Thetford Dolphins Open Meet on Sunday 4 September 2016 – it’s a meet of 50m sprint and 100IM races called ‘The Nifty Fifties’.  The entry form is below: please complete and return to Carol with cheques payable to Bottisham Swimming Club (directly or via another member of the coaching team) by WEDNESDAY 13 JULY so that we can get our entries in nice and early for this very popular local meet.  I’d also urge everyone to have a go at swimming all events, whether or not the event is your preferred stroke – if you’re making the journey to Thetford for the day you might as well give everything a go!

We would like all members of the club to compete, and this meet is appropriate for you whether you swim in A, B, or C squad. However you are not eligible to compete if you have not reached the standard of the Competitive Start Award – please see Karl if you can’t remember whether you’ve done this or not. Newer C squad swimmers may need to wait until the next time we run a CSA session.

ASA numbers and times can be found via the swim data tab on the website. Please note times do not need to be official licensed times for this meet.  If you need times to complete the entry form, please come to the time trials on Wed 6 July (B & C squads) or discuss with the coaches in good time.

If you’re an official (J1 or above) and your child is competing, please volunteer to officiate at one session at least.  Also please consider volunteering to help if you are going to be there with your child – if Bottisham provides lots of helpers we are more likely to get all our entries accepted.  Please also note that an application to compete is not a guarantee that your entry will be accepted, although we’ve got no reason to believe it won’t be – we have no control over how the promoters run the meet.

Nifty-50s-2016-forms-v1-entry-form BSC

Come and have a go!

Senior Fenland League 2016 Round 1 – Saturday

We are all very excited about the team (SFL team sheet FINAL) we have been able to put together for the first round (of two) for the SFL on Saturday 2 July.  Thanks to all the swimmers who have committed to coming, and to all the parents and other club members who are going to bring the swimmers and/or come to cheer the team on – we’d love to see and hear you!  Here are the arrangements:

Hosts: Mildenhall at Newmarket Leisure Centre

Meet poolside at: 5.30pm for dryside warmup; Pool warm up: 6pm; START: 6.30pm






Note that as we’re in Lane 5 we’re going to need to swim technically fabulously as we’re right next to the refs and stroke judges – but we’re also right next to the crowd so we get the most benefit from loud parents and supporters!

Please will all team members wear club kit if possible. Make sure you bring t-shirt and shorts to wear poolside if you don’t yet have club kit.  If you’re down to swim and you find you can’t make it, please email coaching@bottishamswimclub.org.uk to let Karl know as soon as possible, or text Suzy (07941 893383) on the day.

Finally, any parents who are qualified officials and are happy to officiate at the meet please let me know. We only need to take one judge and one timekeeper but I have no doubt all help will be gratefully received. For those timekeepers who have been trained but not yet signed off and would be happy to take this opportunity to get qualified, please wear white clothes and bring a stopwatch and clipboard if you can (the club has both if you need to borrow).

For info, the second round of the SFL will be on Saturday 17 September. How well we swim in this round determines where we will swim in the next round, and against whom.

Go Bottisham!