Tokens – get them in NOW!

The final token in the Cambridge News will be published on Saturday 19 August.  The deadline for us getting the tokens in to the Cambridge Building Society or Cambridge News is 12 noon on Thursday 24 August. Therefore please could everyone bring all the tokens you have managed to collect to training on next Sunday, Monday or Wednesday and hand them over to Karl – ideally in an envelope with the number you’ve collected written on the outside so our job of counting them is not too hard! We will then take them all together to hand them in.

If you forget to bring them to training, you can take them into any branch of the Cambridge Building Society in an enveloped marked for us, as long as it’s before 12 noon on the Thursday.

The amount we receive will be revealed at a ‘do’ on the evening of Wednesday 6 September. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out! Thanks for your support – we’ve no idea how we’ll get on but it’s great to be involved!

More exciting grant news to follow shortly….

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