Timekeeping Course – Sun 22/5 at 6pm

In order to run the Club Championships according to Level 4 licensing criteria this year we are going to need a good contingent of qualified timekeepers on the lanes. With this in mind, we are going to be running a one-hour timekeeping course on SUNDAY 22 MAY at 6PM (during B squad training) in the Big Room at Impington. We are inviting available club members aged 14 or over, and parents, to register to train so that we have as many people as possible who can help us manage the galas.

To qualify as a timekeeper, you need to:

  • be aged 14 or over,
  • register as a club member with the ASA if you are not one already (the lovely Alison can do this for you)
  • attend this one-hour course, then
  • stand with a qualified timekeeper at a gala and take times in 20 races. The ref will compare these with the qualified timekeeper’s times, and if they are within a reasonable margin will sign you off as qualified.

The club is paying for the training so there is no charge to you. This course will work particularly well if you are likely to be attending a gala before the end of July as you will be able to take times and qualify at one of those.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether you are able to be involved. If your swimmers are 14 or over, please discuss it with them – it would be fabulous if we could have the swimmers timing each other at the Thursday club champs sessions rather than involving the parents! If they would usually be swimming at 6 on a Sunday, we can arrange training with a different squad on that date.

If you are interested in training but unavailable on 22 May, we are considering running another course in September, with the aim still of qualifying by November – please let me know if you could do this instead.

Timekeeper training does not oblige you to go any further towards a formal officiating qualification, but we are also (always!) looking for volunteers to train as judges because our contingent of judges is quite low compared to other clubs our size.  Please have a word with Suzy, Carol or Trish if you’re interested in becoming a judge.

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