Timekeeper Course and 2017 Club Champs

We’re starting to think about Bottisham SC’s Club Championships, which will be taking place in November (and you can get a sneak peek at the programme here: BSC CLUB CHAMPS 2017 Programme). One of the priorities in getting this set up is to get more of our parent/carers and older swimmers qualified as timekeepers.

In order to run our club championships as a licensed event, and enable the swimmers to achieve valid qualifying times to enter certain Open events and the Cambs County Championships that take place at the beginning of next year, we need a certain number of licensed British Swimming Officials to run each session.  Many of the jobs at a level 4 gala such as our club championships can be done by licensed timekeepers, which is the starting level of Official qualification. It’s also really helpful for our Junior Fenland League team, as we need to supply two timekeepers at every round the team attends, so if your child is 8-12 years old we’re particularly keen for you to get involved!

Anyone aged 14 or over can become a licensed timekeeper (and “licensed British Swimming Official” looks pretty good on a UCAS form/CV!).  The requirements are that you complete a classroom-based training course which lasts about an hour (it’s slightly more than learning to operate a stopwatch, but not much!), and then complete a practical assessment which consists of timing 10 races of any kind to within a 0.3 second margin of a qualified timekeeper timing the same races.

We are running the classroom-based course on Sunday 24 September at IVC Big Room between 5.45 and 6.45pm.  The practical assessment can take place any time, but we usually run a practice-gala/time-trial for swimmers in October in advance of club champs; it can also be done at training, or the start of club champs itself, at the JFL final, or at any other gala in-between with the consent of the Lead Ref.

This is a really easy and low-impact way of helping out the Club.

Please reply to this email or email chair@bottishamswimclub.org.uk if you are/your 14+ swimmer is happy to train as a timekeeper and can make this date to do so. The club will pay the fee – all you need to do is turn up.  The final date for sign-up is Monday 18 September, but please come forward as soon as you can. Thank you.

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