The Fenland Leagues

Bottisham Swimming Club competes in the Junior and Senior Fenland Leagues.  These leagues include teams from swimming clubs based in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire.

The Junior Fenland League (‘JFL’) is a starter-level league for children aged 8-13. It has ‘cut-off times’ for each age group so the faster children may have to swim up an age group in order to keep on competing, and everyone gets a chance! Bottisham takes a ‘have a go’ approach to the JFL, encouraging all junior swimmers to compete in this friendly and fun competition. It is a great introduction to competitive swimming, and we focus on achieving first swims and personal bests rather than worrying too much about points or league positions.

The events are 50 meters in each stroke, and the 100IM which is swum only by the older girls and boys (the 12s-and-under and 13s-and-under).  9s-and-under swimmers swim only 25m butterfly.  There is also a cannon relay at the end that involves 8 boys and girls from all but the youngest age group. There are five rounds of competition and a final each year, and the participating teams take it in turns to host the rounds and final.  Galas are held on a Saturday evening, and usually take less than three hours from start to finish.

The Senior Fenland League (‘SFL’) is a smaller league covering the same area, which includes swimmers across all age groups from under-10 in a format similar to the junior league.  There are no cut-off times so the galas can be quite competitive, but are always really good fun.  There are only two rounds each year, in July and September, and clubs take turns to host.

More details can be found on the Fenland League website.  If you have any questions, or if you or your child are interested in competing in the leagues, please talk to a coach or member of the committee.