Newmarket Masters’ Meet – age 15 and up – 24 April

Newmarket Swimming Club’s Masters’ meet takes place on 24 April. This year it is open to 16 and 17 year olds as well as the 18s-and-overs. As age is at 31 December 2016 it is actually open to all our swimmers who will be turning 16 this year too. For the more mature club members this is a chance to experience a different sort of licensed meet, right on our doorstep – and entry is not expensive at £3.75 per event.

Entries go direct – there is no electronic system for this one – so if you’d like to enter, please fill in the form and send it off according to the instructions in the pack.  Please tell me or Carol if you’re planning to go so we have an idea of numbers and can coordinate poolside help if necessary.  The closing date is 12 April but I would suggest getting your entries in early if you’re interested.


Remember of course that the (kids’!) Newmarket Open is the previous weekend – packs for that one will be out soon, and we are hoping to attend in force.



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