New term – Welcome!

Welcome back to Autumn Term swimming! We hope you all had a lovely summer holiday and are raring to get to/get back to training. A few bits of housekeeping from me before the term gets properly underway:

Please remember to pay your fees – for existing swimmers, these are due now for this term and the details are here; you will also have an invoice on SCM (SwimClubManager, the Club’s database system). New swimmers can swim with us for 2 sessions to try us out before deciding whether to join; after that we ask you please to pay the fees promptly so that we can ensure swimmers are covered by the club’s insurance. If you’re leaving the club, please let us know so we don’t hassle you unnecessarily for payment.

Please ensure that we have up-to-date contact details for you – particularly a mobile number in case of emergencies – and up-to-date medical information about your swimmers. To check and/or update your and your swimmers’ information, please log in to SCM. If we don’t have your info, we can’t get in touch if there’s a problem at training or a last-minute cancellation for some reason that you need to know about. Help us to help you!

In other news, the committee has been busy over the summer. We are about to finalise some formal Codes of Conduct for everyone involved in the club: swimmers, parents/carers, volunteers and coaches will all be asked to sign up as a condition of continued involvement with the club. We have been reviewing and creating other policies, and a Club Handbook is coming together. We have formalised a working relationship with City of Cambridge Swimming Club that we hope will assist with the development of swimmers, coaches and volunteers.  We’ve been applying for grants and involving ourselves in fundraising projects, aiming to get some new equipment.  Head Coach Karl has been thinking carefully about how he wishes to lead the club forward, and will be sharing his thoughts with you on Sunday 17 September – more details about this can be found below.

Finally, I’d still be grateful to hear from anyone who is able to help with running the computers at club champs – details from the original post are here. This is a key post – literally, we can’t do it without someone to help, and ideally more than one person so the load can be shared. Please do get in touch if you can assist. In fact, as always, please get in touch if you’re happy to be involved in any aspect of the club – we’re always keen to hear from you. The more, the merrier!

Happy swimming!

Best wishes,
Suzy (Club Chair)

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