Looking ahead – BSC Club Champs 2016

After last year’s ‘transitional’ arrangements, the Committee have approved a new format for the Club Championships later this year.  We hope you will be as excited as we are about it.

The aim is to give every swimmer every chance of reaching their full potential in any stroke, at any distance. We are hoping to offer all races over the course of about a month in November, and are aiming to license the whole thing at Level 4 so that times achieved can be used to enter the Cambs County Championships 2017 if swimmers make the standard.

All club swimmers are expected to attend and compete in some races at the Club Champs. We hope that holding the races over an extended period will give everyone a chance to do so this year.

Provisional Dates for your diary:

Saturdays 12 November and 26 November, 5pm-9pm, Newmarket Leisure Centre – 50s & 100s & 200 free
Thursdays 3 November, 17 November and 1 December at Bottisham Sports Centre (replacing A & B squad training) – other 200s, 400s, 800 & 1500.

Because we don’t have a great number of judges in our club, in order to meet the licensing requirements for a 6-lane pool we need to combine with another club for the main sessions at Newmarket. We are thrilled that we will be working with March Marlins on this – they are a lovely club with a similar profile to us (but more officials!), and we encounter them regularly in the Fenland Leagues and at Opens. The idea is that they will be sharing the Newmarket pool with us on the two Saturday evenings, and the races will be seeded between the two clubs so swimmers are mixed. However the results will be separate as the sessions will represent both of our individual club champs and not a competition between the clubs.  The Thursday club champs sessions will be BSC-only.

The current plan is that all races will be open to all swimmers, save that if you are minded to have a go at either the 800m free or the 1500m free, please have a chat with Karl about it.  Entry to these long-distance events will be at his discretion.

More details will follow.  Please note this is a work in progress – I thought it important to send out a post telling you what’s going on as we want to be transparent, but one never really knows what could happen between now and November! The main thing is that we are doing our best to make our Club Champs a friendly, competitive event where our swimmers can reach their full potential and have a go at any race they fancy, with a possible county-eligible time at the end of it. Please bear with us while we put the plan into action…

And read on for how you can help!

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