Land or Dryside Training

Land training – also called dryside training – means any training which is aimed at improving swimming performance but which takes place out of the water.  It is an important part of swimmers’ programmes.  Not only does it help with fitness, flexibility and strength, but it can also assist with balancing the muscles to keep injury at bay.  If you’re unsure of the point of land training, this article looks at the training effects.

The ASA has a great section on land training on their website.

It also takes a good look at diet – another important part of all-round fitness and swimming progress.

In terms of general fitness, running and cycling are excellent ways to get your heart rate up and improve your aerobic capacity so you can swim faster and stronger.  There’s nothing better than hopping on your bike at the weekend and exploring the local area and National Cycle Network Route 11 comes right through Cambridgeshire via National Route 51 just near us.  In terms of running, the Parkrun series really can’t be beaten: they offer free, timed 5k runs in local parks at 9am on Saturday for everyone of any age, and Junior Parkrun takes place on a Sunday morning at 10am over 2k for kids up to age 14 (parents can run with them but don’t get a time!).  Our local events take place at Milton Country Park (Parkrun and Junior Parkrun), Wimpole Hall (Parkrun and Junior Parkrun), Brandon, Huntingdon, and Bury St Edmunds – lots of us (parents and swimmers) already attend one or more of these regularly.  You register once, take your barcode with you each time you run, and get texted or emailed with your results after the run is ended.  It’s a fabulous way to measure your aerobic improvement, plus it’s brilliant fun.  Come and join us!

If running’s not your thing, how about some yoga?  Yoga will build your core muscles and body stability, both of which are excellent for swimming performance: check out this Vinyasa session via Swimmers Daily.

Whatever you do, do something!