JFL Round One Newmarket – Gala Report

We started the 2018 JFL season on Saturday at Newmarket, competing against teams from Deepings, Huntingdon, Mildenhall and Thetford. Our team of 15 swimmers, including several swimming in their first JFL, were Lilla, Mady, Grace S, Amy, Livia, Megan, Esme, Freya, Katie, Lewis K, Ithan, Andrew, Sam, Freddy and Ollie. A special mention to the four swimmers who swam up an age group: Katie, Freya, Megan and Esme. Well done girls!

From 38 individual swims, we had a fantastic 25 PBs:

A tremendous three PBs for Lilla, our youngest member of the JFL team, who swam all the events in her age group, coming first in her 50m breaststroke and second in all her other races … absolutely brilliant!

A terrific two PBs for Lewis K (who also swam all the events in his age group, swimming his 50m breaststroke without goggles, and setting PBs in both backstroke and free: fantastic!), Grace (who sliced a whopping 13 seconds off her fly time and came second in her breaststroke with a superb 6 second PB: awesome!), Amy, Megan and Esme (all first time JFL swimmers), Livia (who knocked an amazing 6 seconds off her fly time), Katie (who came second in both her races, swimming up an age group), Freya and Ollie.

A wonderful one PB for Mady and Ithan (both first time JFL swimmers), Sam and Andrew.

Fantastic swimming all of you: well done!

A huge thank you to Jamie Kincaid for timekeeping, to Karen Kincaid and Mary O’Neill for helping out poolside and keeping hold of the now seriously depleted PB Bag, and of course to Coach Karl and Coach Ciara.

All times are now on SCM. Full results can be found here, although these are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator. We will be hosting Round Two at Newmarket on April 21st. Invitations will be going out shortly, so please check your emails.

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