JFL Round One Boston – Gala Report

The first Bottisham JFL team of 2020 took the long road to Boston for Round One on Saturday night. Thank you to every swimmer, sibling, parent, grandparent and carer for driving across the Fens to support the club. Rest assured, the 2021 draw is a little nearer.

It wouldn’t be the JFL if we weren’t drawn against tough competition and Saturday night was no exception as we embraced our familiar role as the underdog, swimming against hosts Boston, CoPs, First Strokes and West Norfolk. The evening was full of the usual JFL idiosyncrasies, including lane number confusion, a peppering of DQs (don’t worry if you were one, it happens to all the best swimmers) and some sweet victories.

Our valiant Round One team comprised:

Our one and only 9-year-old: Lucas, swimming all the events in his age group in his first gala, finishing second place in his 50 Free to achieve a new club record. What a fabulous first gala, Lucas. Welcome to the team!

Our 10Us: Zac, also swimming in his first gala to a triumphant third place in his 50 Breast; and Arthur, whose delight in swimming his 50 Fly faster than he’d ever swam it before (and faster than all the other teams as well) wasn’t diminished by being reminded that he hadn’t swum 50 Fly before. Well done, boys!

Our 11Us: also swimming all the events in his age group, dependable Freddie B, who secured 3 PBs and a third place in his 50 Breast; and JFL newbies, Sophia, swimming 2 PBs in her first gala, including a third place in her 50 Breast, and Darcey, who beat all the competition in her 50 Fly to a fabulous first place.

Our 12Us: the equally dependable Alec, swimming all the 12U events for the boys including 100IM for the first time and slicing 4 seconds off his 50 Fly PB; our fifth JFL newbie Emily, who swam a PB in her 50 Free; and Lucia, who sped through the 50 Breast cut-off with a 4 second PB to finish second, followed by a perfect first place swim in her 50 Fly. Love it!

And finally our 13Us: George, who swam 2 PBs in his first JFL and wins the prize for the most gentlemanly gesture, for accepting the charge of Lucia’s lollipop while she flew down the pool and for taking on the BSC goggle-trouble mantel in Lewis’s absence; JFL newbie Tan, who swam 2PBs including a very brilliant 50 Breast to finish in first place; our eighth newbie Hazel, who swam a 50 Free PB; Megan, who swam a PB in her 50 Back before drenching her Dad in her 100IM; and last but never least, Livia who swam a 2 second PB in her 50 Fly in a very close race.

Well done all or you. We are, as always, immensely proud of you all for swimming your own races and reminding us why it is the taking part that counts. Your team spirit made it worth the long drive.

A very big thank you to Emma L and Alex T for officiating, to Julie and Alex D for shepherding poolside and taking charge of the PB bag, to Karl for coaching and Freddy M for helping out.

All times are now on SCM, although these results are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator. The full results can be found on the Fenland League website here.

We are due to host Round Two at Thetford. We are in touch with the Fenland League Committee about Covid-19 and we will keep you informed if any further decisions are made. In the meantime, stay safe.

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