JFL Downham Market – results

A huge thank you to everyone who turned our on Saturday to swim or support at Downham Market.  We had our first full team of the year and you all swam amazingly: a stunning 34 PBs or first swims out of 44 races!  We also had a lower number of DQs than usual, plus we didn’t get DQ’d in the relay for the first time in a while…!  Well done everyone, a great team effort.

(I also want to make it clear that even if swimmers don’t swim a PB or get disqualified, they are a hugely valued part of our team – it’s all a learning experience, it’s fun, and nobody swims PBs in every race.  We know that all our swimmers work hard, and we encourage them to do so – you all do your best on the day, and that’s all we ask.)

Special mentions to Joel and Faith for winning races; Joel also managed to collect a SPEEDING FINE for going through a cut-off time, while Faith kindly kept just below hers! Special mentions to Katie and Luna for swimming all the races in their age groups: Luna collected 4 strong PBs in her races and a club record for 50 fly at the age of 9, and for Katie it was her first ever gala.  More special mentions to Jack, Jacob and Faith for swimming up age groups in certain races – never easy – and to Millie and Nicole for coming along to their first gala. You were all part of a very special team, so well done.

Thanks also to Trish Heider and Gordon Campbell for timekeeping; Simon Bethel and Lesley Van Der Walle for being poolside; and coach Chris for having the loudest voice in Fenland.

As expected, we came 5th on the night, but with a significantly higher points tally than we’ve had for a while.  In any case, that’s secondary: it’s about teamwork, getting used to the competitive atmosphere, personal achievements, and letting everyone in who wants to have a go.  (With that in mind, I’m currently finalising the team sheet for the next round on Saturday 11 July.)

What made me the proudest was hearing a report that one of the officials had commented about what a lovely team Bottisham is – how everyone was so friendly, supported each other so well, and looked to be having such a good time.  That, for me, is the spirit of the JFL – I hope you agree.

Results have been circulated – you can also find them on the Fenland League website here –  and the times are on the club database.

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