Helping out at a gala

If you’re considering helping out at a gala, thank you – we depend on you to help us make it happen for our young swimmers!

Here are some of the roles you might be asked to take on:

Poolside helper – these wonderful people make sure the club’s swimmers get to the marshalling area in good time for their races, and congratulate them afterwards!

Marshal – this person get the swimmers into the right order to go to their races.

Runner – this person takes results from the data inputters and tapes them to the wall; also general help with taking messages to and from poolside and the officials.

Announcer – this involves taking control of the microphone. You have all the power in this role! You will be responsible for announcing the races and letting the referee know when the race can be started. There is a script, and it is not difficult – it is actually a lot of fun.  You also get to announce the winners and the raffle too sometimes!

Data input – this involves taking the time data for each lane from the referee and inputing it onto the results database, including disqualification codes.

Timekeeper – operating a stopwatch. Press once when the start signal sounds, and once when the swimmer touches at the end of the race. Then write down the time. It’s not that hard!

Refreshments – taking sweets and water bottles around to the officials, timekeepers and poolside helpers.

Door/raffle – taking money, giving out programmes, persuading people to buy raffle tickets.

Any questions, please do speak to a coach or committee member.