Getting involved: the committee

We’re always thrilled to hear from people interested to come onto the committee and help shape the direction of the club. We’re a friendly bunch of volunteers, all of us parents with children who swim for the club. If you’re willing to join in, please have a word with any one of us about coming to observe a meeting before you commit yourself fully! Here is an explanation of the roles on the committee:

Chair: runs meetings, presents trophies. Deals with issues that arise with staff, swimmers and committee members, supported by the vice-chair and the rest of the committee.

Vice-Chair: supports the chair.

Secretary: takes minutes of meetings, circulates and approves them, ensures that communications from the region and county are circulated.

Treasurer: deals with the money.

Membership: main point of contact for new swimmers. Deals with trials for new swimmers, subscriptions, and obtaining ASA numbers. Takes registers at each session (or delegates the task to someone else present). Keeps track of total club numbers and squad numbers.

Welfare: any swimmer issues, safeguarding, misbehaviour, etc. Arranges DBS checks on parent helpers and committee members.

B Squad representative: committee member with particular input from the middle-level swimmers’ point of view.

C Squad representative: committee member with particular input from the intake-level swimmers’ point of view.

Meet manager: organises swimmers’ entries for open events and championships on behalf of the club.  Checks entries and inputs them into the database, then arranges for payment via the treasurer.

Team manager: organises teams for league and cup events. The job involves picking the team from the times on the database and the input of the coach, emailing swimmers to ensure they are available, and organising poolside help and officials for the meet. Currently split into JFL/SFL team managers.