Entering a gala

So you want to enter a gala? Fantastic! We love a bit of friendly competition.

As a club, we aim to go to about one open gala or championship every month from September to July.  These take place all over the eastern region and beyond.  The club Meets Secretary (Carol Barrios) is usually emailed a PDF pack by the meet organiser which contains all the rules for the gala.

Qualifying times

Sometimes, there are criteria that the swimmer has to meet before applying: these can be qualifying times (times that a swimmer must have achieved, or faster, to compete) or cut-off times (times that a swimmer must be slower than, to compete), and sometimes both.

Filling in the form

Before you complete the form, please check that the swimmer’s times are within the acceptable range for the gala – you can find the times either on the club database, on the ASA website, or you can ask one of the coaches to do a time trial with the swimmer. Please don’t just leave the times blank – we don’t know all the swimmers’ times by heart!

There will be a form to fill in stating what events the swimmer wants to swim: fill this in as relevant and include the swimmer’s ASA number, date of birth, and all other information that is requested on the form.  The swimmer should sign the form him/herself.

There will be a cost per entry.  Do not make the cheque payable to the name on the form but instead please make it payable to Bottisham Swimming Club, and pass it with your entry form to a  committee member or poolside helper – this is because if you are entering through the club, the secretary will put all the entries in and send a group payment electronically to the meet organisers.  Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer – please use the swimmer’s name and gala name as a reference. We try to get our entries in early so that they are more likely to be accepted – so the deadline the meets secretary gives for entries may well be a while in advance of the meet deadline itself.


If you miss the club deadline, usually you can still enter yourself before the final closing date by following the instructions in the entry pack (this isn’t the case for county galas).  You’re still part of our team, we just won’t do the entry for you if you’re too late!

Accepted/rejected entries

A couple of weeks before the meet, the meet organiser will come back with whose swims are accepted and who has been scratched (or rejected) if the meet is oversubscribed. Please check these lists carefully to find out if you have lost swims.

Any questions, please do ask a coach or committee member.