Club Sprint Championships this Saturday – for Swimmers

Hello swimmers.  I’m thrilled to report that we have 80 of you competing in the 2015 Club Sprint Championships this weekend.  The committee and coaches are looking forward to hosting you all on Saturday evening at Newmarket Leisure Centre.

You will need to arrive after 5.15pm and SIGN IN in the lobby.  This shows us you are here and ready to compete: it’s practice for ‘proper’ galas!  Sign in will close at 5.40pm when we will take the lists down so everyone needs to be here by then.  If you know you are not going to be able to swim before the night, please email or call so that we can withdraw you before the last minute.

Team Events

You will find out which team you are in and who your team captain is for the relay races at sign in.  You will need to assemble with your team for the team events – we will tape up team names and pictures on the walls around the pool so you know where you need to be.  Teams and captains are as follows:

Lane 1 – TEAM THORPE – Captain Aedan
Lane 2 – TEAM ADLINGTON – Captain Lauren
Lane 3 – TEAM FOSTER – Captain Luke
Lane 4 – TEAM HALSALL- Captain Sophie
Lane 5 – TEAM PHELPS – Captain Josh J
Lane 6 – TEAM FRANKLIN – Captain Megan B

Teams have a broadly equal mix of A, B and C squad swimmers, with girls and boys shared broadly equally.  There are 13 or 14 swimmers in each team.  In some team races and for some teams, one swimmer may have to swim more than one leg in order to even it up.

Team races will be scored from 6 points to 1 point on finishing position, once penalties for rule infringements are taken into account.  There will be prizes for all members of the winning team.

Whingeing about which team you’re in may lose you team points – at the referee’s discretion!

Warm Up

C Squad: 5.30 – 5.40
B Squad: 5.40 – 5.50
A Squad: 5.50 – 6pm

Programme of Events

Racing starts at 6pm and will end sometime before 9pm.

  1. Team race 1 – Boys’ Beach Sport relay (5x25m)
  2. Girls’ 50m Freestyle (45 swimmers)
  3. Boys’ 50m Freestyle (30 swimmers)
  4. Team race 2- Girls’ Beach Sport relay (9x25m)
  5. Girls’ 50m Breaststroke (41 swimmers)
  6. Boys’ 50m Breaststroke (27 swimmers)
  7. Team race 3 – C Squad Tarzan relay (5 x 25m)
  8. Girls’ 100m IM (31 swimmers)
  9. Boys’ 100m IM (28 swimmers)
  10. Team race 4 – B Squad Ballet relay (5 x 25m)
  11. Girls’ 50m Backstroke (34 swimmers)
  12. Boys’ 50m Backstroke (25 swimmers)
  13. Team race 5 – A Squad Reindeer relay (5 x 25m)
  14. Girls’ 50m Butterfly (26 swimmers)
  15. Mixed 25m Butterfly (9/u) (5 swimmers)
  16. Boys’ 50m Butterfly (25 swimmers)
  17. Team race 6 – Cannon relay (14x25m)

If you’d like to print off an event schedule so you can follow what’s happening on the evening, you can do so here:

BSC Club Sprint Champs 2015 Programme

Results and medals

If all goes according to plan, the results of each event will be printed out and put on the walls for all to see at some point after the event, just like at an Open gala.  If you win a medal in your age group, you will need to go and see Lynne and Alison at the medal table to collect it.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded in each individual event in the following age groups, for boys and for girls:

9 and under
10 and 11 (or 11/u)
12 and 13 (or 13/u)
14 and 15 (or 15/u)
16 and over

Age is calculated at 31 December 2015.

Everyone will get a little something unhealthy to go home with (think of it as an edible ‘participation’ medal…).

Kit bag suggestions

Bring lots of water and some snacks – it is a long session!  You would also be wise to bring a few different towels with you as you’ll be in and out of the water all evening and are likely to make your towels very soggy by the end of the night.

Please also bring a t-shirt to wear poolside – a BSC one if you have one.


Individual events will be subject to the FINA Swimming Rules – this means that if you do not comply with the rules for race and stroke you will be disqualified.  You should all know the rules by now – if you need a refresher, you can find one here.  We apply the rules fairly to all swimmers, young and older, so that there is a proper level playing field – there is no point ‘letting you off’ rule infringements as it is essential to learn what you need to do – and not do – in a licensed gala.

As long as it is behaving, we’ll be using the electronic timing. I’m hoping to get your names up on the electronic board, but I can’t promise.

Wherever possible (i.e. not backstroke, and not if we only have one ref…) we will be operating over-the-top-starts so please hang on the lane rope close to the end of the lane when you’ve finished your heat, unless you are asked to clear the pool by the ref.

Rules for the team events are at the referee’s discretion depending on the event – but we will let team captains have a list of what they need to do for each event and penalties to be applied for infringements!


Karl, Chris and David will be watching and will be making notes on the swimmers in their lanes so you will get feedback.  They may not be able to give you your feedback on the evening because of the quick pace of the events but if not they will do so over the subsequent training sessions.


This is supposed to be fun.  Enjoy the event, and don’t take it too seriously!  It’s just club champs!  No tears please!

If all goes well, we will be running one or two other instalments of Club Champs next year for 100m, 200m and longer events.  If all goes badly, well – we’ll see!

Any queries (other than ‘what team am I in?’ or ‘what on earth is a beach sport/tarzan/ballet/reindeer relay?’) to me (Suzy) on Wednesday please.


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