Club Champs Session 5 – gala report

Well done to all swimmers who came to our final evening at Newmarket on Saturday.  Another brilliant evening of racing took place, and once again the statistics are quite remarkable.

Swimmers achieved 180 personal best times from 321 individual swims; there were 13 club records, which are really tough to achieve in the sprints, and 4 all-time fastest swims including the absolute fastest 50m swim ever from a Bottisham swimmer by Thomas M in his 50 free – it took him just 25.36 seonds. Awesome to watch!  It was so great to see everyone’s times coming down, and the improvement in results across all ages and all squads is really something.  Congratulations and thanks to Coach Karl – this is all done under his direction.

Club records as follows:
50 fly: Thomas M (17), Faith (13) – all-time fastest girl; Mary O (16)
50 free: Thomas M (17) – all-time fastest boy; Emma (7)
100 IM: Faith (13)
50 breast: Thomas M (17)
400 IM: Thomas M (17) – all-time fastest boy; Anouk (10); Faith (13) – all-time fastest girl; Molly (16); Yvonne (17), Lauren (18+)

We also had a number of swimmers getting county qualification times, some for the very first time. So congratulations go to these swimmers who each got at least one county time on Saturday: Anouk, Ellen H, Phoebe E, Faith, Luna, Leila, Mary B, Nina, Holly, Ella G, Mary O, Ellen C, Yvonne, Justine, Lauren, Pippa; Nick, Jack H, George, Kieran and Thomas M.  Well swum!

All times are now on SCM and are also already on the British Swimming Rankings.  Full results of each event can be downloaded here:

Session5-505-boys-100-im-results Session5-512-girls-400-im-results Session5-511-boys-400-im-results Session5-510-girls-50-back-results Session5-509-boys-50-back-results Session5-508-girls-50-breast-results Session5-507-boys-50-breast-results Session5-506-girls-100-im-results Session5-504-girls-50-free-results Session5-503-boys-50-free-results Session5-502-girls-50-fly-results Session5-501-boys-50-fly-results Session5-452-mixed-25-fly-results

Some raffle prizes went unclaimed. Claire says they include various bottles of booze and assorted other ‘bits’: Winning tickets are White – 345, 347, 367, 375; Blue – 231, 268, 284, 300, 363; Green – 349, 477; Pink – 492. Please let me know if any of these are yours, otherwise they’ll be recycled for the next one!

The final overall results of the club championships are in. Here they are:

9/u boys: Winner: Lewis P; Runner-up: Lewis K; Third place: Harry
9/u girls: Winner: Mya; Runner-up: Grace; Third place: Lilla
10-11 boys:Winner: Sam; Runner-up: Ithan; Third place: Justin
10-11 girls: Winner: Anouk; Runner-up: Ellen H; Third place: Arwen
12-13 boys: Winner: Nick; Runner-up: Jack H; Third place: Thomas C
12-13 girls: Winner: Faith; Runner-up: Leila; Third place: Luna
14-15 boys: Winner: George; Runner-up: Chris
14-15 girls: Winner: Holly; Runner-up: Nina; Third place: Ella G
16+ boys: Winner: Thomas M; Runner-up: Kieran; Third place: James B
16+ girls: Winner: Justine; Runner-up: Yvonne; Third place: Lauren

Thank you to all parents who helped on the night, and throughout the fortnight – this was a real team effort and everyone’s work was essential and is hugely valued. If anyone has any feedback on the event as a whole, I’d love to hear it so that we can work to improve club champs next year.

Thanks also to our brilliant referees Mark and Nigel – both former Bottisham parents – and to Chris from Newmarket for coming in specially to sort out the scoreboard for us.

As I said during the ‘interval’, we’re really in need of more parents and senior swimmers to train as judges so that we can run club champs again as a licensed event next year.  If we don’t get more of you signing up, it’s more likely that we’ll have to combine with another club again (which I know the swimmers would prefer to avoid if possible).  We’re just on the edge of viability by ourselves at the moment…. The good news is that more senior officials are being allowed to start the training process for new judges, so we can now do this in-house and get you started off so that you can go poolside and be mentored by qualified judges at the next meet you attend. I’d be happy to do a course while your children are swimming so that it doesn’t even take up any extra time.  Remember, officiating gives you free entry to galas, the best view of the action, and you will gain some authority when you hassle your children about their swimming technique!  There’s not even any pressure to qualify – you can take it at your own pace. But having judges-in-training means we have more flexibility at club champs to fulfil the requirement of a Level 4 licence. Please let me know if you’re willing to give judge training a go, or want to have a chat about it, either with me or with our other fabulous judges/trainees Carol, Trish, David, Patrick, Vinny, Emma and Gordon – just respond to this email.

Finally, a heads up for those who don’t fancy judge training but want to do your bit.  We’ve got a few committee posts that we will need to fill at the AGM early next year. We need people to step up and help run the club, so we can make all this happen for the kids. You don’t have to be superman or superwoman – we’re all busy! – you just need a few hours a month to join us and share some of the admin.  We’d like and expect everyone to do their bit for a year or two while their children are club members – that’s just how the club runs.  Please have a think about how you can contribute. Thank you.

See you poolside…

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