Club Champs – arrangements

Club Champs 2017 are finally here! We kick off at Bottisham Sports Centre at 6pm tomorrow, Wednesday 8 November, followed by the second session at 7pm on Thursday 9 November.  Those of you who aren’t participating in Club Champs, please remember there are no normal training sessions on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and there’s no land training. It’s the same next week.

A few general points:

  • Please will all swimmers try to arrive ready-changed into their costumes, as if we have 70 swimmers all trying to change at once, it’s liable to get pretty busy.
  • Please tell your children and young people that phones will not be permitted poolside or (as usual) in the changing rooms.  If we see any swimmer using a phone, it will be confiscated until the end of the evening.
  • Please bring a full water bottle with you – spectators, volunteers and swimmers. As you may have noticed, the thermostat at the pool is playing up and it is A Bit Warm in there. This is not ideal, but we’re going to keep calm and carry on.
  • Results and medals for each event will be available on the evening, assuming that we can work the new computer system.  Please bear with us!
  • Swimmers will be aiming for county qualifying times.  These haven’t officially been released yet, but I have been told they are the same as for this year, which you can find here. (They will be available at the gala too.) Age for next year’s county championships is as at 31 December 2018. The dates of the county championships will be in January and February next year and are being finalised this evening.
  • Those helping out, please aim to be at the pool by 6pm on Wednesday, and 7pm on Thursday.
  • We have had a few late withdrawals. If you or your swimmer would like to race this week but forgot to enter, please let me know (you can reply to this email) and I will do my best to squeeze you in to a spare lane.

Wednesday warm up will be as follows, in your usual squads and lanes, unless there is room to spread out:
C Squad: 6.02-6.10pm
B Squad: 6.11-6.19pm
A Squad: 6.20-6.28pm
Racing will start at 6.30pm sharp.  The evening is currently scheduled to end at about 8.45pm (but I can’t promise that it will!).

Thursday warm up is:
C Squad: 7.02-7.10pm
B Squad: 7.11-7.19pm
A Squad: 7.20-7.28pm
Racing will start at 7.30pm sharp.  The evening is currently scheduled to end at about 9.30pm (but again I can’t promise!).

The full 5 day schedule of events and conditions are attached below by way of reminder.  Also below are the programmes for sessions 1 and 2 – spectators, please print these out and bring them if you’d like to know who’s racing, and do give a copy to your children too :-).

BSC CLUB CHAMPS 2017 Final Programme BSC Club Champs 2017 Level 4 Conditions

Bottisham Club Champs S1 Programme

Bottisham Club Champs S2 Programme

Finally, I’m attaching a copy of the disqualification sheet so you can all check that you/your swimmers know how to swim each event legally – this is a licensed event, and the referees will have to disqualify any swimmers who do not abide by the rules of the event.  Reasons for disqualification are on the second page. All the children should know the rules, but it’s just worth checking, particularly with the little ones! There’s also an awesome guide on how not to get disqualified here from Leander Swimming Club. If you’ve got any queries, speak to Coach Karl or Coach Pippa, who will both be there poolside both evenings. And don’t worry about disqualifications – they happen to everyone, they’re a learning experience. All we really want is for the swimmers to try their best and have fun.

Disqualification Report Form-3

Finally, THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers who are making this club champs work. You’re all brilliant. Swimmers – swim fast, don’t get DQ’d!

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