Senior Fenland League 2016 Round 1 – Saturday

We are all very excited about the team (SFL team sheet FINAL) we have been able to put together for the first round (of two) for the SFL on Saturday 2 July.  Thanks to all the swimmers who have committed to coming, and to all the parents and other club members who are going to bring the swimmers and/or come to cheer the team on – we’d love to see and hear you!  Here are the arrangements:

Hosts: Mildenhall at Newmarket Leisure Centre

Meet poolside at: 5.30pm for dryside warmup; Pool warm up: 6pm; START: 6.30pm






Note that as we’re in Lane 5 we’re going to need to swim technically fabulously as we’re right next to the refs and stroke judges – but we’re also right next to the crowd so we get the most benefit from loud parents and supporters!

Please will all team members wear club kit if possible. Make sure you bring t-shirt and shorts to wear poolside if you don’t yet have club kit.  If you’re down to swim and you find you can’t make it, please email to let Karl know as soon as possible, or text Suzy (07941 893383) on the day.

Finally, any parents who are qualified officials and are happy to officiate at the meet please let me know. We only need to take one judge and one timekeeper but I have no doubt all help will be gratefully received. For those timekeepers who have been trained but not yet signed off and would be happy to take this opportunity to get qualified, please wear white clothes and bring a stopwatch and clipboard if you can (the club has both if you need to borrow).

For info, the second round of the SFL will be on Saturday 17 September. How well we swim in this round determines where we will swim in the next round, and against whom.

Go Bottisham!

County Relays – Sunday 7 Feb, 12 noon, Parkside

The County Relays take place on Sunday.  Bottisham’s team was selected and submitted last month, according to times achieved in each age group.  The full team, together with the races you are swimming, is below.

Please note that even if you are only down for one race, you are an essential part of the Club Team – we need you, and we want you there! Having a full team and a big presence poolside will be a great statement for the club.  I hope that nobody will need to drop out, but if you do need to withdraw because of illness or injury, please let me (Suzy) know as soon as possible so a replacement can be found.

Team please meet at 12 NOON at Parkside – I will be in the foyer to check you off when you arrive – please make sure you see me! – and Karl will be poolside to welcome you when you get there.  Those new to competitive galas, please check out the resources section for things to think about and/or bring with you. Warm-up starts at 12.30. The programme for the afternoon begins at 1.30 with ‘Skins’ – where the top 8 girls and the top 8 boys in the county swim off against each other in a series of races, which is great to watch – and then the county presentations.  After that we have the relays.  The session will finish by 4.30, probably earlier.

Spectators are welcome – even if you are not down to swim, we’d love you to come to Parkside and cheer on your club.

Training will continue as normal on Sunday from 5pm at Impington.

Here’s the team, in order of swims.  For those new to relay galas, the order of the medley relay is BACK, BREAST, FLY, FREE. All swims are 50m.  Good luck everyone!

1 Mixed Open 200m Free
Swimmer 1 Josh J
Swimmer 2 Ellen
Swimmer 3 Megan B
Swimmer 4 Thomas H

2 Mixed Open 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Justine
Swimmer 2 Pippa
Swimmer 3 Alex B
Swimmer 4 Aeden

3 Mens 11 Yrs/Under 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 Alex C
Swimmer 2 Freddy M
Swimmer 3 Sam K
Swimmer 4 Ryan

4 Womens 11 Yrs/Under 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 Luna
Swimmer 2 Anouk
Swimmer 3 Katie
Swimmer 4 Holly W

5 Mens 13/Under 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Nicholas
Swimmer 2 Jack
Swimmer 3 Thomas C
Swimmer 4 Samuel A

6 Womens 13/Under 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Isla
Swimmer 2 Hannah D
Swimmer 3 Leila
Swimmer 4 Faith

7 Mens 15 Yrs/Under 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 George
Swimmer 2 Joel
Swimmer 3 Ethan
Swimmer 4 Connor

8 Womens 15 Yrs/Under 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 Molly
Swimmer 2 Mary
Swimmer 3 Holly R
Swimmer 4 Ellen

9 Mens Open 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Aeden
Swimmer 2 Thomas H
Swimmer 3 Alex B
Swimmer 4 Josh J

10 Womens Open 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Justine
Swimmer 2 Lauren
Swimmer 3 Megan B
Swimmer 4 Pippa

11 Mens 11/Under 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Max W
Swimmer 2 Alex C
Swimmer 3 Freddy M
Swimmer 4 Ryan

12 Womens 11/Under 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Katie
Swimmer 2 Honey
Swimmer 3 Luna
Swimmer 4 Holly W

13 Mens 13 Yrs/Under 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 Thomas C
Swimmer 2 Jacob L
Swimmer 3 Josh V
Swimmer 4 Samuel A

14 Womens 13 Yrs/Under 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 Faith
Swimmer 2 Hannah D
Swimmer 3 Leila
Swimmer 4 Caitlin

15 Mens 15/Under 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 George
Swimmer 2 Joel
Swimmer 3 Ethan
Swimmer 4 Connor

16 Womens 15/Under 200m Medley
Swimmer 1 Ellen
Swimmer 2 Molly
Swimmer 3 Ella G
Swimmer 4 Holly R

17 Mens Open 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 Aeden
Swimmer 2 Alex B
Swimmer 3 Colin
Swimmer 4 Thomas H

18 Womens Open 200m Free.
Swimmer 1 Megan B
Swimmer 2 Sophie M
Swimmer 3 Justine
Swimmer 4 Pippa

19 Cannon 400m Free Relay
11/u Girl Holly W
11/u Boy Ryan
13/u Girl Faith
13/u Boy Samuel A
15/u Girl Molly
15/u Boy Connor
Open Women Lauren
Open Men Josh J


County Relays team – reply needed

The County Relay competition takes place on the afternoon of Sunday 7 February (warm-up 12.30pm) at Parkside Pools, Cambridge.  All Cambridgeshire swimming clubs compete, and it is a fantastic day.  The following people have been selected as the Bottisham SC team.  Please reply to this email or email to confirm your availability as soon as possible and at the latest by 20 December 2015.

As for the rest of the County Championships, age is as at 31 December 2016.  Each age group swims a 4 x 50m freestyle relay and a  4 x 50m medley relay.  There is also a mixed open free relay, a mixed open medley relay, and a cannon relay with one from each age group swimming 25m free.


11/u boys:
Ryan, Freddy, Alex, Sam K, Max W

11/u girls:
Holly W, Luna, Katie, Anouk, Honey

13/u boys:
Samuel A, Tom C, Jacob L, Joshua V, Nick, Jack

13/u girls:
Faith, Isla, Hannah D, Leila, Caitlin

15/u boys:
Connor, George, Joel, Ethan

15/u girls:
Ellen, Molly, Holly R, Mary, Ella

Open boys:
Thomas M, Aedan, Josh J, Tom H, Colin

Open girls:
Justine, Lauren, Megan, Sophie, Pippa