Histon Feast Sunday 2 July – please help

As in an earlier email, as a condition of our grant we’ve been asked to help out at the Histon Feast on Sunday 2 July between 12 and 4pm by manning a couple of stalls.  Please will anyone able to spare an hour or two at the Feast let me know by replying to this email or contacting me by direct email (chair@bottishamswimclub.org.uk).  I don’t have more details at the moment but will send them when I get them to those who volunteer.  Please help – I can’t be in two places at once and I need people to step forward.  Older swimmers and parents welcome.   Thanks.

Parents – come to land training!

As you may know, our B squad and A squad swimmers currently enjoy a fitness/circuits class in Bottisham Gymnasium on a Thursday evening before they swim, as part of their training. As part of our ethos as a community club, we would now like to offer all club parents the opportunity to join in.

The class is run by the Bottisham Sport Centre’s personal trainer, Nathaniel Goldstein, aka ‘Le Coach’ (yes, he is French) – just click on his name here to link to his Facebook page. The classes are fast-paced and fun, focusing on improving fitness and core strength, and he has promised to introduce more ‘levels’ to cater for an increased number of masters athletes!

If you’d like to improve your fitness from whatever level it’s currently at, or if you’re training for something specific, it’s an easy way to make good use of an hour you might otherwise spend sitting by a pool or in the lobby. We’ll be asking for a contribution from attending parents of £5 for each session, unless you’re designated on the rota as the ‘parent in charge’ for the evening (which just needs a DBS check – let us know if you’re keen!). No need to book or tell us you’re coming, just don your gym gear and a decent pair of trainers, turn up, and enjoy training with/embarrassing your kids.

Sessions are Thursdays 6-6.50pm and 7-7.50pm – to find the Gymnasium, follow the long corridor to the left of the pool all the way to the end. All BSC parents are welcome, and we hope to see you soon.

Grant success!

Thanks to Treasurer Gordon’s hard work, we have been successful in our grant application to the Histon & Impington Feast to help fund new blocks for Bottisham pool. Nearer the date we will be asking parents and swimmers to help the Feast by selling (or buying!) programmes and helping on the day of the Feast Festival, which is Sunday 2 July 2017. We may even be allowed to have our own stall…. so please get your thinking caps on as to what we might be able to do as a fund-raiser!  More information about the Feast can be found here.