SFL (B Final)

Congratulations to our SFL team who achieved second place for the 3rd year running.


Our team of 22 swimmers took part in the SFL final at Newmarket last Saturday and did a brilliant job.

There were some fantastic swims. Out of the 47 events we won 13 and came second in 11.

There were 17 PBs over the course of the evening:

Patryk, Luna Anna and Katie topping the tree with 2 each

Matteo, Alex, Lewis P, Sam, Kieran, Josh, Ella, Ellen and Mya earning 1 each.


There was also 1 new Club Record set as well, Mary (17) set a new record in the 100m Butterfly.

Thanks too to all the parents who helped on the night for officiating and for making sure all the swimmers were in the right place at the right time.

Nifty Fifties Report

Hello and welcome to the start of 2018/19 season.


We have already dived straight in with our first competition last weekend at the Nifty 50’s….


We had 52 swimmers which is the most we have every taken to a competition. It was great to see and I hope we can continue to take lots of swimmers to future meets (without me having to pest everyone). It is very important for the swimmers to attend with their friends and have fun and It makes a huge difference to see how they are progressing, particularly the younger swimmers.


We had 124 PB’s including 13 new swims which is a great start after the summer holidays. There was some great swims with a lot of big improvements, the biggest of the day was Mya taking off 17.36 seconds in her IM.


Here is a list of how many each swimmer achieved:

5 PBs – Mauricio, Livia, Cassidy, Anna N, Mya, Freya

4 PBs – Evie, Tom C, Ethan, Katherine, Patryk, Rebekah, Zubair, Mary O, Maia, Chris, Megan

3 PBs – Mary B, Zavi, Phoebe, Livia

2 PBs – Anna B, Ruby, Nina, Matteo, Sam, Freddy, Lewis P, Millie, Joseph, Justine, Arwen, Lilla, Eleanor, Amy, Bethan, Anouk

1 PBs – Jack, Matthew, Ellen C, Alex, Tom H, Izzy, Lewis K, Freddy, Katie, Andrew


Between all the swimmers we had 30 top 6 place finishes within their age groups and all getting a medal.

Top 6 finishes

Alex – 3rdin Backstroke and 6thin Freestyle

Anouk – 1stplace in all events WOW!

Jack B – 6thin Backstroke

Lewis P – 5thin Freestyle and 6thin Backstroke

Lilla – 4thin IM and 5thin Breaststroke

Matteo – 2ndin Backstroke, 3rdin Breaststroke, 4thin Fly, 5thin IM and Freestyle

Nick – 2ndin Breaststroke, IM and Fly, 3rdin Backstroke and Freestyle

Patryk – 4thin Backstroke, 5thin Breaststroke and Fly, 6thin Freestyle and IM

Phoebe – 3rdin Backstroke

Tom C – 6thin IM

Tom H – 2ndin Breaststroke


I hope everyone enjoyed the day, It was great to have such a big number and for each of them to get feedback from Myself or Suzy.

Thank you to all the parent volunteers and Suzy for helping manage everyone’s swims and to the officials.


Next up we have our Club Championships, Invitations will be sent out in the very near future.

A reminder that parents evening is this Sunday. Please attend so you don’t miss important information, new swimmers and old.

Summer Training Schedule

Training changes:

Our summer schedule will operate from SUNDAY 22 JULY 2018 to THURSDAY 30 AUGUST 2018.

Monday, IVC, A Squad – no change
Tuesday Open Water at MCP – no change
Wednesday, BVC – C, C+ and B3/4 -6-7pm; B1/2 and A – 7-8pm
Thursday, BVC – Land Training 7-8pm; those in C+ and B/A not attending land training swim 7-8pm; those attending land training swim 8-9pm.
Sunday, IVC – C, C+ and B3/4 -5-6pm; B1/2 and A – 6-7pm.

If you are unsure what sessions you should be attending, please speak to Karl.