Computer volunteers needed

The committee has purchased new specialist swimming gala software to allow us to run our Club Championships in November this year, and in future years.

We now need a couple of willing volunteers to step forward to learn how to use it, and agree to take charge of setting up the software for the galas in advance, and the electronic recording during the galas (i.e. inputting swim times).  As a reminder, the dates of this year’s club championships are the evenings of Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 November, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 November, and Saturday 18 November. You’ll need ideally to be available to attend all 5 dates.

The software seems pretty easy to use; we have an accessible expert who can help; and it integrates with our current SwimClubManager system so much of the data input side is already taken care of.  I should think that a couple of evenings at the pub in September/October learning how to work it all will suffice, and I shall be happy to support these…

This is a vital job – we won’t be able to run club champs without people looking after the recording side of things. Plus, it will get you out of being hassled to do timekeeper training (email on that to follow shortly).  Please reply to this email or email me on if you can help or want to chat about it. Thank you!

Cambridge News Tokens start today!

Just another reminder that the Cambridge News token-collecting effort starts today. Please spread the word and see what you can do to help us collect as many tokens as possible, to win a good share of the £12,000!

As an idea of what you can do, I’ve been in touch with a few local organisations to ask if I can put up posters/give them a box for collecting tokens. Below is a PowerPoint flyer that I have cobbled together (don’t laugh, I’m not at all artistic) – if it’s useful, please hack it about/adapt it for your own purposes, and use it for your own village/road/community. I’m hoping to have time to laminate it and tape it to a few lampposts – could you do the same?  Let’s do this!

BSC Cash for the Community flyer

Cambridge BS/Cambridge News – we did it!

Thank you to all who voted for us to be shortlisted for the Cambridge Building Society and Cambridge News “Cash for the Community” giveaway – we got through, and we’re now guaranteed to get some money from the scheme!

Fifteen good causes are all in line for a portion of £12,000 – and how much we get depends on how many tokens we can collect.  Tokens will be published in the Cambridge News each day between Saturday 24 July and Saturday 19 August. You can read full details of the scheme and the other good causes involved here.

Please can you all have a think about how you can support us in collecting these tokens – perhaps you could spread the word to friends and family and set up collection points at work, at your local newsagent/post office, in the pub, at your local doctors’ surgery? We will also be collecting them at training sessions, of course!  The more tokens we collect, the more money we will receive towards our Impington Blocks fundraising project.

This is a fabulous opportunity – let’s go for it and see what we can do!