JFL ‘C’ Final – Gala Report

At the start of half-term, after a slightly a twitchy week of bumps and scraps with bicycles, email mayhem and swimmers having to pull out at the eleventh hour, our Bottisham team rose to the occasion of the JFL ‘C’ Final, with several boys swimming multiple events to ensure that there was a Bottisham swimmer in every event. Although narrowly beaten into 2nd place overall, our swimmers achieved 21 PBs, a brilliant eight individual 1st places and thirteen 2nd places on an evening where every point counted.

bsc-jfl4Our fantastic ‘C’ Final team comprised:

Dominic, who has been a real stalwart of the team this year and ended the season on a high by coming 2nd in his 50 Breast. Well done, Dominic!

Arthur, our JFL newbie swimming in his first gala at great speed to not only come 2nd in his 25 Fly, but a brilliant 1st place in his 50 Back, all for a plastic medal (sorry if it was an anticlimax!). Arthur, you are going to be a fantastic part of our 2020 team!

Emma, who, for the sixth time this year, swam all the events in her age group and also finished on a high by coming 1st in her 50 Breast. Emma, you are a star!

Our 10U boys: Freddie B, who swam two-out-of-two PBs, one while very carefully balancing goggles on his nose; and, Eddie, who also suffered from goggle trouble, swimming four events, including 50 Fly twice, timing his PB perfectly to come finish in 2nd place.

Our 10U girls: Izzie, who swam two very close races; and, Lilla, who swam with lightning speed to achieve a 1st place in her 50 Fly and a 2nd place in her 50 Free with a new PB.

Our 11U boys: Alec, who also swam four events, including 50 Back twice, one up an age group and came 2nd in his 50 Back; and, Lewis, who, recovering from an injured ankle, nobly stepped in at the very last minute to swim a PB in his 50 Free and the 11U boys leg of the relay.

Our 11U girls: Mya, who swam two brilliant PBs and gained a 1st place in her 50 Free and 2nd in her 50 Back; and, Lucia, who swam two terrific 2nd places.

For the 12U boys: the truly awesome Alex, who swam a staggering seven events, two up a year back-to-back with events is his own age group, including three PBs, timed to perfection to maximize on points.

Our three 12U girls: Ellen, who grabbed a PB in her 50 Free; Rebekah, who raced through the cut-off in her 50 Back and 100IM (perfect timing!) to two 1st places; and, Phoebe, who swam up a year in the 50 Fly and brought our relay team home in 3rd place.

For the 13U girls: Arwen, who bagged a PB in her 100IM.

bsc-jfl1And finally, our Team Captains, who have been consistently speedy this year, but managed (just) to stay eligible for the final: Katie, who swam 2PBs to two very close 2nd places; and, Sam who swam 3 PBs through two cut-offs, two 1st places and a 2nd place. Thank you both, not least for collecting our well-deserved trophy!

To all of you, well done. For supporting, encouraging and cheering each other on, and for swimming out-of-your-skins. We are very proud of you all!

A big thank you to Paula and Karen for marshaling, to Suzy, Emma L and Sam E for officiating, to Coach Karl for coaching, and to Freddy M for helping out poolside.

All times are now on SCM. Full results can be found here, although these are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator.

As this is the last JFL report for 2019, I would like to say an enormous thank you to all the JFL parents, grandparents, siblings and carers for giving up your Saturday evenings this year to drive and support your swimmers, and for being willing to help out. Thank you to all the officials over the year, both the JFL parents and those whose swimmers are now far too old for the JFL. But most of all, thank you to all our 2019 JFL swimmers: you have swum with enthusiasm and increasing skill over the year, and shown tremendous team spirit, especially our now ‘too-old-for-the-JFL’ swimmers: Katie, Sam, Andrew, Arwen, Freya and Rachel.

Until next year…

JFL Round Five Thetford – Gala Report

The last round of the JFL before next month’s final was held at Thetford last weekend. It was another tough (and loud) draw swimming against Wisbech, Peterborough A, hosts Thetford Dolphins and Deepings. Despite the odds, Bottisham swimmers took three third places and two second on the night. Three girls jumped in at short notice to plug gaps in the team – thank you Lilla, Lucia and Livia – and in Lewis K’s absence (hope your ankle is feeling stronger soon), Ithan nobly took on the role of losing googles after a dive.

Our newly-deafened Round Five team comprised:

As our under 9s: the very dependable Dominic and Emma, who once again swam all the events in their age group, Emma swimming two PBs.

Our 10Us: Lewis P, who was just outside his PBs; Freddie, who swam two PBs including the PB of the night, a cracking 12 seconds in his 50 Fly; Izzie, who swam PBs in her 50 Back and 50 Breast; and, Lilla who powered down the pool in her 50 Fly to finish in second place.

Our 11Us: Alec, who swam a PB in his 50 Free; Anna, who was within 0.5 second of all her PBs; and, Lucia who swam to a brilliant second place in her 50 Breast.

Our 12Us: Joseph, who swam a 3 second PB in his 50 Breast; Ithan, who swam a 4 second in his 100IM and bagged a 5 second PB for his 50 Fly; Megan, who swam a PB in her 50 Free; and, Evie B who swam three-out-of-three PBs despite being full of cold. Well done Evie, we hope you are feeling better soon.

And finally our 13Us: Andrew, who both swam one PB; Sam, who finished third twice; and for the girls, both swimming up and age group, Olivia, whose three-out-of-three PBs totalled to a whopping 19 seconds (and was very close to swimming the PB of the night); and, Livia, who swam two PBs including one for her 100IM before racing up to the other end of the pool to swim the final leg of the cannon relay and bring BSC’s relay team home.

Well done, everyone!

Thank you to Coach Karl, to Sally and Allison, for marshalling poolside, to Emma for timekeeping, and to Deryck for letting me twist his arm to judge turns. And a big thank you to all the parents for making this the first JFL in a while when the entire team was present in very good time for the warm up!

All times are now on SCM, although these results are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator. The results have been posted on the Fenland League website and can be found here.

We have qualified for the C Final on 19th October, which we hope will be held at Newmarket. Emails have been sent out to those selected to swim. Please can you confirm as soon as possible. Thank you!

JFL Round Four Peterborough – Gala Report

Sandwiched between Sessions 2 and 3 of the Jeanne Barker, Round Four of the Junior Fenland League saw Bottisham sail up to Peterborough-by-the-sea to swim against Boston, St Ives, St Neots and hosts Huntingdon. Swimming in the salt water, our team of fifteen swimmers achieved a flurry of PBs, including nine in the last ten events, three top-two places and another solid relay performance.

Our fabulous Round Four team comprised:

As our under 9s: stalwarts Dominic and Emma, who once again swam all the events in their age group. Dominic grabbed a PB in his 25 Fly, while Emma was awarded 3 dips in the PB bag as she swam to two second-place finishes. Well done, Emma!

Our 10Us: Eddie, who was a turn away from the PB of the night; Freddie, who swam a PB in his 50 Free and swam 50 Fly for the first time; Izzie, who also swam 50 Fly for the first time; and, Leah, who swam a 3 second PB in her 50 Breast.

Our 11Us: Lewis K, who managed a whole JFL without losing his goggles (is this a first?); Alec, the first of our joint-winners of PB-of-the-night with his 5 second PB in his 50 Breast; and swimming all the girls’ events, Anna, who not only grabbed a PB in her 50 Back, but equalled the PB-of-the-night in her 50 Breast when she beat Boston, no mean feat. Well done, Anna!

Our 12Us and 13Us shared the events for their two age groups. Our boys were: Joseph and Andrew, who both swam 1 PB, and Alex, who achieved our third second-place of the night. And for the girls: Soojung, swimming 1 PB, Livia, swimming 2PBs, and Rachel, who swam four-out-of-four PBs and equalled the 5 second PB-of-the-night for her 100IM.

Well done, everyone!

Big thank yous to Ciara who remained calm despite half our swimmers having a mental block about turns, to Deryck and Helen, for marshalling poolside and guarding the PB bag, to Freddy M for helping out poolside, and to Claire and James for donning whites and wisely resisting the invitation to referee.

All times are now on SCM, although these results are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator. The provisional results have been posted on the Fenland League website and can be found here.

Round Five is at Thetford on 14th September. Email reminders will be sent over the next few weeks for those already signed up. We have a few spaces in the team, so watch out for emails to fill those gaps as well. We look set to qualify for the C Final on 19th October, hopefully at Newmarket. The team for the final will be selected from our fastest swimmers nearer the time. In the meantime, do please pencil in the date.