JFL C Final Newmarket – Gala Report

***UPDATE FROM SUZY -1 November 2018 ***

We have been informed by the Fenland League that we didn’t come second after all – WE WON!!!!! The winning team fielded ineligible swimmers in three events and were docked points as a result.  Congratulations team – hard work and fair play always win out! We’ll get the trophy and celebrate in style as soon as possible.


We may have been narrowly beaten into 2nd place overall, but the JFL C Final last night was still a night of ‘1st’s starting with the lovely Trish debuting as Starter.

With many swimmers away for half-term and one having to pull out at the last minute through illness – Lucia, we hope you are feeling better soon – six of our team swam all the races in their age group. Our swimmers achieved 23 PBs, a cracking 11 individual 1st places and eight 2nd places on an evening where every point counted. Our fantastic C Final team comprised:

Eddie, swimming all the events in his age group and his first ever cannon relay in this his first ever gala, and coming 1st in his 50 Back. What a star!

Lilla, who for the fifth time this year swam all the events in her age group, bagging 3 PBs and coming 1st twice for the second JFL running!

Lewis, who swam 2 PBs as he swam all the events in his age group.

Mya, who, also swimming all the events in her age group, grabbed a PB in her 50 Breast and a 1st place in her 50 Fly.

Alex, who, swam all the events in his age group for the second JFL running and brought another of Bottisham’s 1st places in his 50 Back.

Our two 11-year-old girls: Ellen, who swam all the events in her age group, coming 3rd in her 50 Free with goggles under her nose; and, Rebekah, who brilliantly swam up an age group, coming 2nd in two events and securing 2 PBs.

For the 12-year-old boys: Sam, who came 1st in his 50 Free and knocked three seconds off his 50 Breast, and Andrew.

Katie, who swam the PB of the night, slicing five seconds off her 100IM time to achieve her first of two 1st places some 10 seconds ahead of the 2nd place swimmer.

And our 13-year-olds at their last JFL: Ollie, with 2 PBs; Mary, swimming 2 PBs and coming 1st in her 50 Back; and, Team Captains Matthew, with 1 PB, and Luna, who swam 2 PBs to come 1st in both her individual events.

jfl_trophyThe cannon relay team stole the night with an exceptional first place – the first on-the-night 1st place Bottisham cannon relay swum at a JFL – to secure five of our brilliant 152 points.

A big thank you to Paula and Karen for helping on the door, to Rosa and David for shepherding swimmers poolside, to Simon for cheering, to Gordon, Deryck, Jamie, Patrick, Trish and Suzy for officiating, to Coaches Karl and Ciara, to Izzie and Livvy for handing out refreshments, to Guy for recording times, and finally to the rather brilliant announcer, Freddy M.

All times are now on SCM. Full results can be found here, although these are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator.

As this is the last JFL report for 2018, I would like to say an enormous thank you to all the JFL parents, grandparents, siblings and carers for giving up your Saturday evenings this year to drive and support your swimmers, for donating raffle prizes and for being so willing to help out. Thank you to all the officials over the year, both the JFL parents and those whose swimmers are now too old for the JFL and especially Trish and Suzy for your support when hosting. But most of all, thank you to our JFL swimmers: you have swum superbly, and shown marvelous team spirit as you cheered and encouraged on your teammates, especially our now ‘too-old-for-the-JFL’ swimmers: Matthew, Luna, Anna I-K, Matteo, Ollie, Freddy M, Mary and Zavi.

Until next year…

JFL Round Five Newmarket – Gala Report

Saturday night saw the last round of the JFL before Bottisham host the C Final next month. And what a fantastic team night it turned out to be! Three swimmers had to pull out at the last minute through injury or illness – we hope you are all on the mend soon – which meant some last minute shuffling, reshuffling and re-reshuffling of the team. Our swimmers rallied with several swimming all the events in their age group and others swimming up a year or two. We achieved 26 PBs, which is fabulous given that this gala was hot on the heels of the Nifty 50s last weekend, and eight first and second places, which is rather good given that we were racing against Boston and March from the top half of the league.

Our fantastic Round Five team comprised:

As our 9Us: Lewis P, who swam all the events in his age group, securing 2 PBs, and swam up a year to swim his first ever cannon relay; and, Lilla, who swam PBs in ALL the events in her age group, coming first twice.

Our 10Us: Coco, who grabbed a PB in her 50 Back; and Lucia, who swam 2 PBs, missing out on a first place by 0.05 seconds, and then squeaked her way through the rest of the gala with the last of Trish’s PB ducks! (Thank goodness they’ve all gone now!)

Our 11Us: Alex, who swam all the events in his age group to obtain 2 PBs and sliced 3 seconds off his 50 Breaststroke; Phoebe, who swam up TWO years in her 50 Back, and almost won, to secure one of her 2 PBs of the night, and who soaked the turn judge very effectively in her 50 Fly; Cassidy, who swam up a year for two races, and grabbed 2 PBs; and, Livia, who swam 50 Free twice and would have secured 2 PBs for them had she swam them in reverse order, and also swam another PB in her 50 Breaststroke while giggling at the team cheering her on!

Our 12U: Andrew, who swam all six events in his age group, swimming PBs in his IM, 50 Breaststroke and 50 Fly.

And finally our 13Us: Ollie, who smashed though the cut-offs for 50 Free and 50 Back to gain 3 PBs and two second-places; Freddy M, who drenched our timekeeper, Deryck, in his 50 Fly; and, Mary, who swam 3 PBs including a super IM before racing up to the other end of the pool to swim the final leg of the cannon relay.

It was a brilliant evening, with tremendous team spirit that saw EVERY swimmer (including a couple that weren’t even on the team: thank you Grace and Freddie B!) cheering and encouraging their teammates. We are proud of you all!

A big thank you to Paula and Sara for helping poolside, to Deryck and Sam for officiating (hope your hearing has recovered, Sam), and to Coach Ciara for all your encouragement.

All times are now on SCM. Full results can be found here, although these are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator (apologies on behalf of the recorder, who has ‘corrected’ the spelling of some swimmers names).

The team for the Final on 20th October will be coming out soon.

JFL Round Three Newmarket – Gala Report

Round 3 of the JFL was hosted by First Strokes at Newmarket on Saturday night, with Bottisham in a tough draw, competing against First Strokes, March and two teams from Peterborough. For the first time this season we had a full team of swimmers, namely: Lewis P, Lewis K, Alex, Joseph, Andrew, Sam, Zavi, Matthew, Lilla, Coco, Grace, Evie, Livia, Cassidy, Ellen, Arwen and Katie. We had one swimmer in their first JFL and two swimming in their first gala.

A big thank you to Katie and Ellen for stepping in to swim at very short notice!

It was a great night of swimming. Four of our girls, Katie, Arwen, Ellen and Cassidy, were swimming up an age group. Three of our youngest swimmers, Lewis P, Lilla and Lewis K, swam all of the races in their age group, Lilla taking a super second place in her 50m breaststroke.

From the full 44 individual swims, we had a tremendous 32 PBs as follows:

A tremendous three PBs for Zavi in his first gala, for Ellen (who chopped 5 seconds off her backstroke time), and for Lewis P and Arwen (who both sliced 5 seconds off their freestyle times), Arwen swimming the IM for the first time.

A terrific two PBs for Lewis K (who took 4 seconds off his 50m breastroke time), Joseph (who took 5 seconds off his backstroke time and 4 seconds off his 50m freestyle), Andrew (who took 4 seconds off his IM time), Coco (swimming in her first gala and finishing in a rather tremendous 3rd place with her 50m freestyle), Evie (who took 4 seconds off her backstroke time), Cassidy (swimming her first IM), Matthew and Alex. Two PBs also for Sam who swam a fantastic freestyle race to finish in first place and is now within a second of the cut-off time.

A wonderful one PB each for Grace and Katie. Katie’s backstroke time sees her smoothly sailing through the cut-off for her age group.

Super swimming all of you: well done!

A huge thank you to Gordon, Jamie and Deryck for officiating.

A very big thank you to Paula and Fay for helping out poolside, and of course to Coach Karl.

All times are now on SCM. Full results can be found here, although these are still subject to scrutiny by the Adjudicator. Round Four is at Whittlesey on 14th July. Invitations went out a couple of weeks ago. Reminders are on their way to those who are yet to reply. It’s a busy time of year, so we would really appreciate a prompt response: thank you!