ASA Competitive Swim Awards

We promote the ASA’s Competitive Swim Awards, which recognise swimmers as they achieve faster times.  There are bronze,silver, gold and platinum awards in all strokes; the awards recognise sprints, middle distance and long distance achievements.

Each swimmer can get one award in each section – so for example, the bronze freestyle sprint award can be achieved either by going under 47 seconds for 50m or by going under 1:44.3 for 100m, but you don’t get different awards for the 50 and 100.

They come as certificates with a round badge showing the award (i.e. ‘sprint’, ‘middle distance’ or ‘distance’) then small rectangular coloured badges showing the stroke – e.g. the bronze ones are a brown colour, the silvers are grey and the golds yellow, and each carries the name of the stroke award achieved.

Below you can see one of our senior swimmers displaying how amazing all the flashes look when sewn onto a BSC hoody!

lauren badges 1lauren badges 2

Click the link below to download the form to apply for awards.  Please fill in the form and hand to Suzy or another committee member.  Certificates are presented by the coach; flashes come by envelope!

ASA Competitive Swim Awards > Flash Awards Form Jul 17