Any more officials?

We’d really like to get more parents training as officials. It means you get to get into galas for free and wear awesome white trousers. We’ve just heard that there’s a chance to attend the first stage training course in the evening of Wednesday 11 November in Ely.  After that, you get mentored poolside by existing officials during galas (free entry! Best seats in the house!) until you’re ready to judge by yourself. We might even get you poolside at Club Champs the following Saturday!

We’ve got three kind JL1’s in training or about to start at the moment. If you can join them, we’d love to hear from you. The training takes as long as it needs to, depending on how many gala sessions you can attend and when – if your kids swim at lots of galas, you’ll get it done in no time if you simply go poolside when they’re there.

For all of you who find your kids’ galas boring (other than when they and their mates swim, obviously) and want something constructive to do – or if you’re the kind of person whose conscience is awakened by the idea of doing something positive for the club and sport that your kids love – this is your chance.  It’s low-impact, not difficult, and you’ll learn loads about swimming.  You’ll also have a lot of fun, and be given the odd bottle of wine.

Please email to find out more or catch me (Suzy, obv) or Carol at training.


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