Bottisham SC’s committee is made up of a mixture of parents who have been involved with the club for a long time, and parents of newer and younger swimmers. The committee organises the day-to-day running of the club, and sets the club strategy with the input of the coaching staff.  To contact us, you can email us (details below) or find us poolside.

The coaching staff are:
Head Coach – Karl Osbourne-McPhee:
Coach – Ciara Droy
Coach – Pippa Brand
Coach – Carol Barrios
Coach – Suzy Ashworth
Coach – Brian Dear
Assistant Coach – Alex Bevis
Assistant Coach – Youri Den Ouden

Bottisham Swimming Club’s committee (2018-2019) is:
Chair – Suzy Ashworth:
Secretary – David Halsall:
Treasurer – Gordon Campbell:
Membership – Louise Palmer and Deryck Thake:
Fenland League team manager – Emma Marsden:
Meets – Trish Heider
Coaching liaison – Alex Bevis
Tri club rep – Sally Vail
Volunteer coordinator – Sharon Chaplin
Technical officer – Zbigniew Jerszynski
SwimMark Co-ordinators – Paula Collier and Karen Kincaid
Medals and trophies – Paula Collier and Karen Kincaid

Our welfare officers are Cathryn Mellersh and Simon Bethel: